The Theatre's Still A"LIVE" Festival

After many months of cancellations, disappointments and isolation, GLT was eager to create a performance that could withstand any Covid challenge.

The Theatre's Still A"LIVE" Festival Festival began with a few unique parameters: Productions must include no more than 5 people total, scripts must be one acts without a lot of movement or tech needs, all productions must be willing to adapt to whatever platform is available to us at the time of rehearsal and performance (Zoom, livestream, outdoor or indoor!).

Over the last few months we have adapted and adapted again to ensure that GLT can in fact say that our theatre is still live!


Elderly widower Samuel has been planning suicide - but only once he finds someone to continue feeding his beloved ducks when he's gone. His plans are derailed after a chance encounter with Irma Stein aka Mrs. Know-it-all. Or was it a chance encounter...

Director: Marilyn Nicholas-Dahan

Cast: Paul D'Entremont, Rosanna Armata

14 scenes of two old guys talking about ducks in the park. Last but certainly not least, we have “Duck Variations,” a show about two duck watchers who have a lot to say about life, death, the law, and most importantly - ducks.

Stage Manager: Alex Taylor 

Cast: Rob Pearce, Sam Hancock