GLT Loses Two Greats

It is with great sadness that Georgetown Little Theatre Productions Inc. announce the passing of two of its senior members. These two Grand Dams were instrumental in forming GLT to what it is today.

Vera Macdonald, was one of GLT’s founding members 60 years ago. Vera was an actress and director with the group. She demanded perfection from her cast and got it. Her critiques on a show or performance were given as a learning tool. Very nurturing to budding actors and youth members, Vera often gave workshops on speech and other acting skills. Vera loved going to theatre shows, whether it be at The Shaw Festival, Stratford Festival or local community productions. She was a big supporter of all types of theatre. More on Vera’s involvement with GLT will be forthcoming.

Dorothy Hunt, was a power house behind GLT. Dorothy worked behind the scenes at GLT. A fabulous producer, often working on shows her husband Ron directed. She also looked after the costume department, where she knew were everything was, and all catalogued. Dorothy sat on the Board of Directors and was President when the studio burnt down. During this time GLT did not stop. Dorothy found rehearsal and building space, and new costumes. Her tenacity when dealing with the Town and local businesses rebuilt the studio we have today. Though Dorothy’s activities with GLT slowed down, she continued to support the group. More on Dorothy’s involvement with GLT will be forthcoming.

As Georgetown Little Theatre moves into its 60th year, these two ladies will be honoured.

 May 2020

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