What is GLIC?


Improv, or improvisational theatre, is the art of performing without a script.

Improv is everywhere today, from LA to Calgary to Iceland. Since 2008, Georgetown Little Improv Club, or GLIC, has been the local scene to practice the art of “Yes, And”.

With a philosophy of “anything goes”, improv is a positive experience for both performers and audience members. Each show is unique and every scene is crafted on the spot.

Expect laughs, music and … well, the unexpected … at every improv show!


It’s easy to become a GLICker. Just join our Mailing List to receive alerts for workshop and show information.

If you’re a member of GLT, you’re a member of GLIC. The more the merrier, so join today! (maybe link to membership page here?)

After the main GLT season is over, GLIC starts up on Wednesday nights all summer from mid-May to end-of-August. Summer 2019 will include:

  • A six-week workshop led by a TBD improv professional
  • A four-week improv tournament with teams from Georgetown and the GTA
  • The Annual End-of-Summer Improv Show - always something different

BONUS: For every purchase of a 3-play subscription to GLT 2019-20 Season made before August 1, you also get a free ticket to GLIC’s End-of-Summer Show, as well as one to the GLT Studio Shows!

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