May Production

The 2019 Youth Spring production is “Twelfth Night”, directed by Emily Hale, Dave Borgal and David Busuttil. The show dates are May 2 to 11, 2018. Tickets will be made available online and will be available with payment at the studio. Tickets are $10 (plus online service fee). These shows almost always are complete sell outs, so reservations are recommended! Auditions for the May Production will be held December 1st, 2018.

About the Show:

Twelfth Night is a play about desire’s power to override conventions of class, religion, and even gender. Several characters begin the play believing they want one thing, only to have love teach them they actually want something else. Orsino thinks he wants Olivia, until he falls in love with Viola (dressed as Cesario.) Olivia thinks she wants to be left alone to mourn her brother, until she also falls in love with Cesario. She then thinks she wants Cesario, until she meets Sebastian. Malvolio thinks he wants to be a straight-laced Puritan, until the prospect of Olivia’s favor causes him to act like a fool. As Twelfth Night is a play about overturning the social order, the most sophisticated characters prove to have the least self-knowledge, while the least sophisticated characters easily see through the pretensions of their so-called superiors. Desire acts as a leveling force, forcing characters to gain self-knowledge. Orsino realizes his love for Olivia is misguided, Olivia abandons her vow not to love for seven years, and Malvolio is revealed as the pompous jerk he really is. Feste the Fool has the last word, ending the play with a bittersweet song suggesting the darker aspects of reality lurk under the frivolity and merriment of the play.

GLT’s Youth Company (GLT-YC) is celebrating it's sixteenth highly successful year of operation! It is open to and run by youth aged 10 to 18, and mentored by experienced GLT adult members. Many people tell us it’s the most fun their kids have ever had! Audiences are often amazed at the high quality, and polished shows these talented young people perform.

Youth Company membership for the season is $20.00. The GLT makes every effort to ensure a positive and safe environment for Youth Company members. If you are interested in joining the Youth Company, please call the Studio at 905-877-3422 and leave a message.

Each fall the Youth Company presents the “Y1A’s” a collection of one-act plays, selected, produced, directed and acted by them. Auditions are usually held in September, with performances in November. 

Each season the Youth Company presents a major show chosen by them and directed by an adult. These large cast productions typically provide new and younger members with their first opportunity to act on stage, while more seasoned youth move up through the ranks to eventually take on lead roles. Other youth members learn more technical theatre skills such as; costumes, stage management, lighting and sound, as they work alongside the adult technical crew.

The GLT Studio | 33 Stewarttown Road, Georgetown - All GLTYC productions are put on at the studio. Tickets are $10 (plus online service fee)(coming soon)

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