Within a Play


Imagine life was scripted and you found a page of that script. Imagine you are right now reading a synopsis for Within a PlayWithin a Play tells the tale of a group of actors putting on a play within a play, when they find a page of the script “Within a Play” and are forced to wrestle with the possibility that they are within a play.

Message from the Author/Director:

You are crazy to believe in your imagination. I saw a play with my wife and it gave me an idea for my own play. My wife and I talked about how love works, and I processed that conversation within this play, I gave it a structure and rabbit trails, I made jokes and I aspired to be profound. A silly idea that could have been a fleeting moment, after hours upon hours of work, became “Within a Play”.

You are insane to believe any idea will be the one that works. I’ve been crazy about this idea, this play, for years now, and I have spread my madness to others. This cast and crew signed on to what was then an unfinished play, to set-ups without pay-offs, to pay-offs without set-ups, to half characters, and monologues that were too long. They came on because they believed in what it could become, they helped me burn off the dross, and had the courage to be honest. We rewrote, re wrote the rewritten bitts, and re wrote the rewritten rewritten bits. Through it all, they trusted me, and I love them for it.

And now you join us too. The doors are opened for you to come in and see what all the fuss is about.


From the bottom of my heart

Thank you

David Busuttil


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