Consider The Oyster playwright David Macgregor visits Georgetown

Georgetown Little Theatre’s production of Consider the Oyster was attended by its playwright, David MacGregor. We took advantage of this rare event for a Q and A session.

GLT: What were your impressions of the first performance of Consider the Oyster in Canada?

David MacGregor: I loved seeing the play in Georgetown at the John Elliot Theatre. It’s a beautiful space, the show was practically sold out, and the audience really enjoyed the show. In the original production of the play, it began with the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl, and changing that to the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup worked perfectly. The lobby display was really nicely done, with a lot of attention to detail, and the capper was seeing the ushers in Maple Leaf jerseys, a fun little touch.

GLT: What was unique about the way the play was presented this time?

David MacGregor: The play is written so that the main character can be played by a man, a woman, or both (come see the play if you want to see why). This is the first time that it has been performed by an actress for the whole show. That actress was M. H. Teskey, who did an amazing job as did the ensemble cast of Jhuntue D. Grey, Katrina Gibson, and Patricia Ball. They came across as friends and family members who love, care and irritate the hell out of one another. So, just like real life.

GLT: You mentioned you went to downtown Toronto to watch a professional production the night before you visited Georgetown. Can you compare your enjoyment of the two?

David MacGregor:Yes, we saw a play that shall go unnamed at a big theatre in Toronto that was jaw-droppingly bad. GLT’s production of “Consider the Oyster” easily made up for that disaster. It was, quite simply, a better show on virtually every level. It’s really good. I’d drive to Georgetown from Michigan to watch GLT do one of my plays again, in a heartbeat. Mind you, I wish Ontario had a higher speed limit.

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