Celebrating 57 years of live local theatre

Georgetown Little Theatre had its beginning in an amateur theatricals evening class that was held at the Georgetown District High School during the winter and spring of 1959-60. In 1981, the John Elliott Theatre (JET) opened and since then, the John Elliott Theatre has been the home theatre space for GLT. In 2011, the JET closed for renovations and GLT moved its mainstage performances to Acton Town Hall through the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

With the renovations completed, GLT moved back into the JET for the 2013-2014 seasons. We are now at over 100 productions in the JET and counting! Georgetown Little Theatre is a member of
Theatre Ontario and the Association of Community Theatres for Central Ontario (ACT-CO).

Each year, as part of the ACTCO festival, GLT participates with many other community theatre groups to have their productions adjudicated by a theatre professional. Outstanding achievements are recognized with the “THEA’” award, at the annual ACT-CO gala. GLT is proud to have been nominated for and won, many THEA’s over the years, as we strive to bring you high quality, entertaining, live local theatre. But the best awards always come from our appreciative audiences! Without you, there is no show.

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Our Patrons

  • Mrs. Patricia McCarthy
  • Mrs. Erica Thompson
  • Fr. Robert Hétu
  • Skytree Smith
  • Fred & Rose Anna Helson
  • Vera Macdonald
  • Alan & Carolyn Ryall
  • Brenda & Larry Sisnett
  • Al & Lois Fraser
  • Catken Productions
  • Geraldine Kavanagh


  • Moe & Nadine Lamothe
  • Kathy & Bill Sanford
  • Sharon Vandenberg
  • Sandra Massey
  • WalkerWood Foundation
  • Virginia Bancur
  • Kay d'Entremont
  • Sam & Jennifer Hancock
  • Dorothy Hunt
  • Linda & Bob Leask
  • Pamela Niesiobedzki
  • Dianne & Doug Penrice
  • In Memory of Gordon Bailey