Studio Shows

In addition to its mainstage backbone, GLT also produces our annual Studio Shows, usually in September, performed in the intimacy of our Studio on Stewarttown Road, as well as “on the road”, at the Acton Town Hall.

The Studio Shows are usually one act plays, or sometimes a series of short vignettes, that may be more adventurous, or edgy than our mainstage shows. The intimate setting for these shows adds to the atmosphere.

Experience Georgetown Little Theatre’s Studio Shows, some of the most edgy live theatre you’ll see anywhere - right here, on the fringe of Georgetown!

Family Affair - September 21, 22 and 23

Acton Town Hall Centre, 19 Willow Street N., Acton
Tickets $10.00 | Reservations 905-877-3422


"A Family Affair" by Taylor Grist and Frank Willis is a game show being taped in front of a live audience.  The contestants have been chosen and we see the show as it is being taped and the interaction between the technical crew.  It has already had three sold out performances at our Studio in Stewarttown.


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Our Patrons

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  • Vera Macdonald
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  • The Moulton Family
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